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--- Comment #8 from Aron Budea <> ---
I was going to open a new bug report, when stumbled upon this. It's
reproducible with a 32-bit master (0fe5d61ad2c9e21f393bdad4b706e398728a70d8)
Windows debug build for me.

- Open test files from 'sc\qa\unit\data\functions\statistical\fods', the ones
from 'avedev.fods' to 'chiinv.fods' (16 files altogether, in alphabetical
- Do a full recalc of 'chiinv.fods'.

=> Sheet2's C8 becomes false. CHIINV(0.999999999999999; 10) is evaluated to
0.005090405273006 instead of the expected 0.005035400390625.

After further opening/closing files, sometimes I get errors on failed thread
creation ("osl::Thread::create failed", in the logs: "_beginthreadex
undocumented errno ENOMEM - this means not enough VM for stack"). This might be
a red herring, I'd assume the unit tests are executed one by one, and don't run
out of resources.

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