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(In reply to Jean-Baptiste Faure from comment #4)
> I still don't understand: iterating menu Window > New Window allows you to
> open the same document as many times as you want. Shift+Ctrl+M switch the
> new copy in read-only mode.
> Alternatively, using the command line, you can use the -n switch to open a
> new copy of your document as template.
> Best regards. JBF


I've modified the title of my bug to more accurately reflect what I'm
requesting. I had no idea about Window > New Window. That's awesome! Though, it
doesn't help me because I need to be able to open multiple read only copies of
the same document from the command line. -n will copy a document and open it as
writable. What I need is a -n that copies the document and opens it as read
only. Or, opens the same read only document multiple times. Given that the
document is read only, making copies might not be necessary.

I've tried combining --view and -n to no avail.

Again, I realize what I'm requesting is niche. So I understand if I'm on my own



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