--- Comment #1 from Mark Hung <> ---
"A ruby is additional text that is displayed above or below a base text. The
purpose of a ruby is to annotate a base text or provide information about its

The <text:ruby> element is usable within the following elements: <text:a>
6.1.8, <text:h> 5.1.2, <text:meta> 6.1.9, <text:meta-field> 7.5.19, <text:p>
5.1.3, <text:ruby-base> 6.4.2 and <text:span> 6.1.7." [1].

So at least text:ruby inside text:p and text:h should be implemented in

A very simple snippet that illustrates ruby tag generated by Writer:

 <text:p text:style-name="P1">
        <text:ruby text:style-name="Ru1">
        <text:ruby text:style-name="Ru1">
            <text:span text:style-name="T4">文</text:span>
...... ( the rest is deleted )

So it is necessary to allow ruby-base to be contain span as its child element
so that ruby text can have different character formats.


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