--- Comment #1 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
I do reproduce the described behavior. But I can't confirm the bug because I
don't know if it's actually a bug.

What is the meaning of what you have done here? The iterative calculation of
values that have circular references to themselves is meant to bring a result
that can be obtained by incrementally approaching; that means that there should
be some guessed value, and some algorithm (designed as the formulas in cells)
that comes closer each step. The number of steps and the precision value are
something taken using rinse-and-repeat approach, or from experience... and now
you take a task that has no meaning and that is not converging, put some values
to avoid any meaningful processing, and call it a "severe bug".

At the very least, please describe *why* do you believe that the result must be
as you think it must be, and not as it is (remember, that it's just an initial
guess that should be improved incrementally iteratively afterwards). Is there
any specification that you base your statements on?

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