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Newly installed nextcloud 13.0.1 with the latest image of Collabora/CODE,
Collabora online app 2.0.5.

nginx as a webserver for nextcloud and reverse proxy for the docker image.
php-fpm 7.0.27.


I am unable to copy or paste from the URL field in the Insert > Hyperlink
dialog box. 

With either internal (coming from the document content itself) or external
(from outside the browser) data in the clipboard, the Cut/Copy/Paste items in
the contextual menu opening on right click stay grayed out and deactivated.
Keyboard shortcuts do not work either.

No error messages appear in the js console with either firefox or chromium. No
relevant error messages either in nextcloud.log or "docker logs" output
(attached to the bugreport).

PS: Sorry for the empty description for the bug, I hit "enter" by accident on
the form.

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