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Sverre, if you report bugs, please always give full history info like Regina
Also attach file here, not Dropbox links. And if you give screenshot make sure
it's English UI with English errors. 
And do not complain here about other bugs - that were dealt with BTW, unlike
some that are open for years, having no volunteers to fix them.

Good practice is to first save as source .ods and than to save as .xlsx. So if
you attach. ods that we can reproduce an issue. Filesave issue in LO is
different to fileopen in MSO. 
If we have only the final damaged file, than it's guessing and I'd close this
as InsufficinetData. 
MSO says: Repaired Records: Worksheet properties from /xl/workbook.xml part
Or you can recreate .ods with the same data (not via save as) and than save as
.xlsx and open with MSO and see if and when error happens. You can use LO

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