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I've just installed LO6.0.4. Hmmmmm... Same old
"api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing".

Then, I took one of the suggestions from the webpage I suggested earlier

Update for Universal C Runtime
Download the Update for Universal C Runtime from Microsoft
Install the Runtime component and restart your computer and see. Just for your
information, starting with Windows 10, the Universal CRT is part of the
operating system.

Then, I started LO. No error message. OK... So far so good. And I waited, and
waited, monitoring WTM. I saw soffice.bin there, but it seemed stuck. And I
waited, and waited.

Suddenly the LO "splash banner" came out. Alright... And I waited, and waited,
and... yes! LO is up and running!

But gee... that took a very long time. I guess some kind of run-once initiation
was necessary, or it's just my computer. Anyway, to be sure, I unloaded and
reloaded LO, and startup was fast, even without the quick-starter.


But now for some strange reason, the fonts provided with LO (DejaVu,
Liberation, etc) all appear like Courier New. I can't even use them on other
programs. I suppose restarting the computer would solve this.

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