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> do you mean that you can use keyboard and when you press tab and then down
> arrow, nvda reads all items for you?

You need Alt+down arrow to open the drop-down list. Yes, NVDA reads all the
items in the drop-down. It reads the item wording and tells "third of eight"
for example. 

> for me, thumbnail view and dropdown settings are not accessible.

Tab key goes to the thumbnail view. In the thumbnail view you move for and back
with left and right key. NVDA reads the text, which can be seen on the screen,
and sometimes some additional information. It reads the text of the item, which
has the focus. I don't know how NVDA can be configured to always only read the
text on the screen.

> dropdown settings is completely inaccessible for me, when i press enter to
> activate the settings, nvda does not read anything for me.

NVDA reads it without "Enter", but when the item gets the focus when you use up
and down arrow to go through the list.

> and about thumbnail view,
> nvda only reads the items of all categories and presentation,
> and for six other items, when i press tab in thumbnail view, i cant navigate
> using down arrow keys and nvda does not read the items for me.

I guess that there have been some improvements in the meantime in the operating
system and in the apps. Windows XP is really old. You should test, whether a
modern operating system, and current versions of NVDA and LibreOffice would
solve the problem for you.

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