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Win 7, first time open:

LO 5.3.7 32-bit dump, slow and Fatal Error: 
component context fails to supply service of type loading component library

LO 5.4.7 64-bit dump, slow

LO 6.0.4 32-bit dump, slow, "LibreOffice stopped working" APPCRASH ucrtbase.DLL
(no LO Crash report)

LO 6.1+ 32-bit dump, slow (not responding for a while until it comes back)

6ae9aaf3 83e800          sub     eax,0

I'm not sure should we close this one. Now we have crash in 6.0.4 and no crash
in master, but dump is still there. Probably the cause is somewhere else. 

I guess it's an old problem, maybe of multiple connections fetching data, icons
that are linked to web location.
Telesto also wrote "It seems to me that LibO is trying to download every image
at once, creating a flood of TCP connections (I used TCPview)".
We had this discussed somewhere long time ago, can't find it.
That's why I'm not in favor of the new bug 117667 about the perf.

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