--- Comment #9 from Drew Jensen <> ---
I created the test file with huge values for those columns 2 Million bytes.
HSQL embedded in Base works just fine with that. 

The images were 20 K and 32 K in size, added by linking an image control in a
form to them and using that to insert the image. The forms work as expected
with the data and reports work with it also.

The reason for a 20k and a 32K file was that I thought Firebird was going to
impose a 32K limit for the fixed field. My plan was to first test the migration
function with empty tables (seemed to pass) then with this data that would fit
into FB and when this passes a test migration , check for error handling when
the data exceeds the FB imposed limits.

As for the 8000 byte limit, IIRC, that is for if you want to index that column
or if you are using a character set that supports collating.

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