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 Mike Kaganski, I think you don't understand what I write.
1) I write "please, look at my bug #117279, closed by JB Faure, where I better
explained the problem (with an attached file).
2) If it is possible set the iterations number at 1, why I can't do it?
Setting it to 1 means to do 1 loop (it isn't possible to set it at 0). If you
do two loop, this is an error.
Using the suggested value (100), to do 100 or 101 is not important.

If necessary, I can copy my bug #117279.
I do not agree about bug 117049 was marked as duplicate of 114482 (referred
It is impossible to speak about e:523 (convergence problems) if I have not this
The default setting are related to make many iterations to reduce the error
smaller than a prefixxed value.
I want make "AN ONLY" iterations. For this, the considerations done by Mike
Kaganski are not valid.

I put below the steps to reproduce the problem (wrong data in calculation).
I would attach a my file, but I do not see, in this page, the key "Add an
attachment" enabled. I hope it is in the next one (after "Submit Bug Report").
If I will not be able to add it, you will not can to use it, but the following
considerations are valid.
My program calculate my economic balance.
I have ATTIVO/PASSIVO (CREDIT/DEBIT) at the beginning year: I put the data with
the last results of previous year.
I have ATTIVO/PASSIVO, at the current date. The ATTIVO/PASSIVO are equal the
The ENTRATE/USCITE (from C23 and E23 and following rows) are obtained as the
couple as A1 and B1 (see below in "Steps to Reproduce").

If I use my program for commercial purposes (naturally suitable modified to
satisfy the complete rules of Economic balance), I would go in prison.
My program well works in Excel (that I have not, but that I tested with it) and
in Softmaker (PlanMaker).
>From this site, I downloaded a free version for Windows an another for Linux; I
received, by mail, two license numbers.
In Excel and in PlanMaker I have correct results; with LibreOffice (Calc
Speadsheet) I have wrong results.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open LibreOffice.
2. Open Calc Spredsheet (main page).
3. Click on Tools to open the drop down menu.
4. Select Options.
5. Open LibreOffice Calc
6. Open Calculate.
7. Check Iterative References
8. Set Steps (first parameter in Iterations) at 1 (minimum value).
9. Set Minimun Change (second parameter in Iterations) at 1000000 (a very high
value, this is MANDATORY not to have e:523).
10. Click on OK.
11. Return to Calc Spredsheet (10th step).
12. Put 0 in A1 and B1.
13. From B1, write in the Insertion cell (referred to B1) =A1+B1.
14. If you obtain the message #VALUE!, you can use my trick: repeat 3td รท 11th
step, adding some clicks on conditions for General Calculations (the message
#VALUE! can be considered a little bug), instead of doing change for 8th and
9th step.
15. With 0 in A1 and B1, put 100 in A1, then ENTER; then put 0 in A1 and
finally ENTER.

Actual Results:  
The result in B1 (wrong) is B1=A1+B1=100*2+0=200 (per first input) and
B1=0*2+200=200 (for the second input).

Expected Results:
The result in B1 must be B1=A1+B1=100+0=100 (per first input) and B1=0+100=100
(for the second input).
A value in A1 is added/subtracted (depending on positive/negative value) in B1
(value updated). You are ready for a new other input.

Reproducible: Always

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