--- Comment #2 from Doug Morrison-Cleary <> ---
I have confirmed that this file opens properly in (in Windows 10).

I have also saved the file as a new file, as an .ott, as both types of .docx,
and as a .doc file--all saved in In all cases but the last,
Libreoffice freezes with the first page rendered on the screen. However, in
both versions of .docx, the rendering seems to finish before the whole document
has been loaded into memory--as an .odt, the file renders as a 230p document
with 46 978 words and 288 285 characters--as a .docx it rendered as a 218p
document with 822 words and 5001 characters.

The .doc file seems to finish loading but fails to render at all!

I have also tried opening the original .odt file with opengl turned off and in
safe mode, and the same thing happens in every case--rendered first page but
the application frozen.

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