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I can't reproduce it if I don't use the doubleclick to insert a new slide...
This feature was implemented in

author  Andrzej J.R. Hunt <>   2013-10-26 17:10:52 +0100
committer       Caolán McNamara <>    2013-11-08 10:25:49
commit  61a20e43b1ec7641bed073244c988e3ea981f086 (patch)
tree    f194cd32ad962d4970efea7cec8ca678b5a59f77
parent  ffbad093368fc307ddeb128c6654d67f967f2c9f (diff)
SlideSorter: insert new slide on double-click.
Previously inserting a new slide required using a context menu
(via right-click) or the main menu-bar. It is now possible
to insert a blank slide by double-clicking in an empty area
of the slide sorter.

Adding Andrzej and Caolán to the loop...

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