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> (In reply to Drew Jensen from comment #8)
> > one more comment.
> > 
> > I'm a bit surprised to hear the MySQL and PostgresSQL connectors don't
> > support this. 
> I'm not so affirmative. I just noticed xAlterVIew isn't present in Mysql or
> PostGreSQL part (according to Opengrok) but I didn't test editing a view on
> these DBs.
> About your 2 last comments about missing code, the problem is Base has only
> 1 core dev (Lionel) + Tamas whereas it's a big part.
> Indeed, Base has more dependencies than other LO components: 
> - external drivers of DBs
> - external package for reports (JFreereport)
> - Java/JNI
> Moreovover every feature for pivot DB (hsqldb and soon Firebird) should
> ideally work for other DBs. It's not sot easy, just consider migration part
> from hsqldb to Firebird. Also some DBs types can only be tested on specific
> envs (Macab on MacOs)
> In brief, as long as Base doesn't attract more devs, I think the situation
> won't evolve a lot.
> It may explain why some people would like to remove Base from LO. (I don't
> know if it's still the Tor's opinion, see
> lillqvist/)
> Sorry for this long digression.

No problem and thanks for the information. I have one question; What is pivot
DB? (just searched for that phrase and I can't find anything on it).

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