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No, there is no autofit for regular text boxes.

Autofit is that feature by which you create a text box and while you write text
into it, the font size of the text is progressively reduced, to keep the text
fitting in the box.

This is what may happen in the layout boxes (those controlled via the master
page) and which is ON by default. When autofit is supported by a box where you
can enter text, you see it as a tickbox in the context menu (right click) as
"Autofit Text" right after the "Text" entry and before the "Fontwork" one.

It is different from the Text options:

"Fit width to text" (off by default). When ON, makes the text box width grow
while you type text in the text box.

"Fit height to text" (on by default). When ON, makes the text box height grow
while you type text in the text box.

The combination "Fit width to text OFF" and "Fit height to text ON" makes the
text box work so that as you type the text you type fits the box width while
the box grows in height (and is probably what you refer to).

Autofit is also different from the Text option

"Fit to frame" (off by default). When ON, makes the text always fit the box, by
"linear scaling" it, so that the text may look distorted (different scaling on
X and Y dimensions).

Autofit never distorts the text, since it scales the font size and re-wraps.

Autofit is also a strange beast in LibO, for the fact that you seem to have no
control on which boxes may get it. For instance the "click to add text"
"content" boxes in the "title, content" and "title, 2 content" layouts get the
autofit, but the "click to add title" box does not get it. Furthermore, the
"click to add text" box in the "title slide" layout does not get it either.

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