--- Comment #6 from Winfried Donkers <> ---
> At this point, the formula became "=1 - alpha/__C" ( with double underscore"
> after pressing ENTER.
> Later, it changed to '_C' at
> ?id=9fc83ae4e479f7e6784dfdce87de35c283fbadd2
> Adding Winfried Donkers to the loop as well...

This commit may well make the problem apparent, as <Enter> is interpreted as
'use the first match in the list of the entered text as function'.

The problem with _C also occurs when you define a named range with the same
name as a function, the underscore is not the reason.

I _think_ (I have not digged into this deep enough to be certain) that cause of
the problem has more to do with named ranges being included in the matching
functions list used for automatic function name completion.

I cannot look into this matter any deeper soon, as I'm currently busy tackling
another bug.

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