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> But, isn't it the normal behaviour of Calc that, when you copy a cell,

Yes, but the report is not about copying. It is about cutting.

So, this is the formula in D20 after the following procedures:

A. Cutting G10, no row insert, paste in D20: =A1*2

B. Cutting G10, row 2 insert, paste in D20: =#REF!11*2

C. Copying G10, no row insert, pate in D20: =#REF!11*2

D. Copying G10, row 2 insert, paste in D20: =#REF!11*2

Cases C and D are about copying and are consistent. Cases A and B are about
cutting and are inconsistent.

In case B, "cut" is adopting "copy" behavior.

I think this is the intent of the original bug report.

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