--- Comment #8 from Timur <> ---
sheet2.xml from attached xlsx:
<sheetView workbookViewId="0" zoomScale="200" zoomScaleNormal="23"
                        <selection activeCell="T9" sqref="T9"/>

sheet2.xml from saved xlsx:
<sheetView tabSelected="1" view="pageBreakPreview" zoomScale="200"
zoomScaleNormal="23" workbookViewId="0">
                        <selection activeCell="T9" sqref="T9"/>

tabSelected="1" is missing in original xlsx.

If more than one SheetView.TabSelected is set to true, it looks like Excel just
picks the first one. Maybe also the same if it's missing from all sheets, like
with attached xlsx.

Ilya, please describe how the spreadsheet was generated, e.g. Excel (which
version) and how it was manually modified with which software.

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