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Bug 100477 comment 23

Jan-Marek Glogowski 2018-07-03 14:39:27 UTC
This is quite probably the same bug as 113326 and 116872.

And this bug is actually old. It was confirmed against in comment 3 and
never fixed, just look in the history and read the comments. BTW - 5.0 got the
first scheduler patches, long before I tried to fix stuff.

Now what is actually happening in all cases: there are "really empty" pages at
the end of the document due to whatever reason.

If you open the RTF document from 113326 with LO 5.4 and look at the page count
in the bottom-left area of the writer status bar, you can see, that the initial
document also has 6 pages. But these get reduced to 4, because the last two
pages are "really empty". At least I can see this, when opening the document in
a remote LO via SSH X forwarding.
Reducing always happens, if LO decides it needs to do some layouting, so it
happens for the bug 116872 document, if you scroll with the keyboard.

"Really empty" means you can't click into these pages via mouse or scroll to
them via keyboard, which is an invalid document state AFAIK. So just scroll to
these pages via mouse and try to put the cursor in the page. Really the page,
not the header or footer!

All of my (bi)bisected patches increased the performance of LO job processing.
My guess is, something schedules this cleanup job, but this depends on some
layouting, which is not finished, when the cleanup job is run.

Someone want to debug writer layouting code?

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