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With Bug 61174, it sounds like the Start Center will see some changes that will 
keep the picklist clean and improve its' efficiency.

To summarize enhancements mentioned in this bug enhancement:

1. pin document
2. Start Center options easily accessible, perhaps on the Start Center itself
3. copy path to clipboard.

I was aware that the thumbnail could be a generic thumbnail that just
represents file type. I would be just as happy with a list that contains only
file names.  

I have the PickListSize set to 100. That is a lot of thumbnails and scrolling
does flicker, but it is more important that I don't lose documents from the
list. As far as filtering, I'd rather be able to position documents in the list
and keep the important ones (pinned) in a static order that I order. I'm more
concerned about document importance and name, than document type. Sometimes I
open a file just so it gets positioned at the top of the list again.

Would it make sense to have two lists, maybe, pinned and recently used?

Should this bug enhancement be closed or incorporated into 61174?

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