--- Comment #1 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
Oh. In this form, this is not possible to work with. One could imagine that
something as basic as "writing decimals" and "using sum function to add all
decimal numbers" is so common that it is repeated daily on millions systems,
and that implies that in this form, it is not reproducible. The "Reproducible:
Sometimes" supports that. There must be something specific (a combination of
unknown factors... locale? specific numbers? their placement on spreadsheet?
sum function syntax (number of arguments, e.g.) used? saving file format? other
functions present?...) that triggers this. Unless there's more specific steps
that allow to reproduce this reliably, this is just a dead end unfortunately.

Anyway, thank you for the report! If you have this reproducible, please try to
spot the pattern that triggers this, and augment the issue. Of course, finding
and fixing the problem would be a good thing.

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