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> > Debug: are you happy with this answer?
> Not especially. Base reports don't allow page size restrictions in the same
> way that Documents does. That is to say I am trying to print out on an
> industrial label printer and it will not let me set zero margins nor let me
> make sure the text lines are x far apart to fit in constricted space. 
> As it is not I have to print the Document as a PDF form and let people fill
> out what they need by hand before printing out. 
> Not ideal.

Well, in the past I used to print product labels on a single wide label printer
for ceramics shipment. In that case it also had an image for scanning and text,
what I did is used a base form, which is just a writer file and laid it up in
print view. Feed the form from a query with results for the print run, walked
down the result set, while print the form for each record. Sounds close to what
you want to do.

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