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Similar problem is reported on Japanese

Though I did not know enough about the cause, only as a tentative patch , I
applied the following modification on my environment as given in the
forementioned forum, and now I see no errors.

1. comment-out the following three lines in void
SbaTableQueryBrowser::unloadAndCleanup( bool _bDisposeConnection )

Reference< XLoadable > xLoadable = getLoadable();
if (xLoadable->isLoaded())

2. explicitly specify false as the parameter of unloadAndCleanup, and avoid
relying on default parameter true

so that disposeConnection is not executed.

3. comment out the following three lines

DBTreeListUserData* pData = static_cast< DBTreeListUserData* >(
pDataSourceEntry->GetUserData() );
pDataSourceEntry->SetUserData( nullptr );
delete pData;

by doing all these three, LibreOffice stopped running

I'm not going to submit the patch myself for the inadequate understanding. I
would be happy if someone helps me.

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