--- Comment #6 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
(In reply to Eleni Zapridou from comment #5)

This is not a bug per se, and it was never stated otherwise. Even the title has
"wrong" in quotes.

Still, there's a usability issue. The status bar is incapable of displaying the
formatted value using all the features which cells can use - like colors in
format strings, or conditional formatting that might change background for
negatives e.g. Also users could custom-format cells to look like sort of
booleans to indicate if something matches some conditions or not (like
'[<10]"GOOD";[<20]"WARNING";"BAD"')... and it totally doesn't make sense to
have such things in status bar for aggregates, when for a sum of cells, you'd
see "BAD" in status instead of "100" - what is "BAD" for a data point is not
necessarily bad for the sum.

So there is a suggestion by Eike in comment 3, which is to use *cell format
category's default format* for displaying aggregates in the status bar, which
are expected to be generic enough to provide useful aggregate results, even
when selection has some fancy formatting.

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