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--- Comment #3 from Wolfgang Jäger <> ---
Concerning a "fix" Date field contained in a .otg template I can confirm for
V6.2.0.3 that it NOT is updated as it would be in Writer if a new Draw document
is created based on the template. The update should be expected, however. 

Concerning Comment #1 : There probably was a misunderstanding. 
The reporter expects the "fix" fields to be updated **only** in the case that
the Draw template containing them was used to create a new Draw document (as
'Untitled 1' e.g.)

Using Writer templates a "fix" date contained in the template is updated to the
current date for the "fix" field in the new 'Untitled 1' document. That's
reasonable. I rely on this behaviour with my letter templates e.g. An update
'On Document Creation' should also be done for a "fix" Author field if any and
probably for some additional types of fields for which it is appropriate. 

(Concerning the Author field I did not get offered a "fix" variant, and the
ordinary filed **was* updated as expected if the template was used by a
different author. I would judge the lack of a "fix" variant of the Author field
as a kind of bug requiring an enhancement.)  

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