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On Windows builds we don't see a checkbox of course (as noted by Roman), but
the "selected" status for a -Draw- Text Box object does not make sense--you can
only add one Text box at a time. And as soon as the box outline is made and
text entry starts the mode releases.

Likewise it doesn't make much sense for its toolbar button to show the
selection status either--but that is in the distant past.

Suspect a number of these toggled selections are hold overs from how the UNO
commands were created/migrated as toolbar buttons first and then picked up as
menu items.

In that context the Horizontal Rule currently only applies the Horizontal Rule
style to a newly inserted empty paragraph--but it used to offer a selection
including gallery clipart, and could be toggled?

I'm sure there are others across the menus/toolbars where the actions probably
need to be tweaked for consistency.

And as Heiko notes, the Hyperlink action is amodal dialog, and should provide a
toggled selected checkbox.

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