--- Comment #4 from Stephan Bergmann <> ---
The error message is fixed with
"Avoid calling java.lang.Class.newInstance()" first appearing in LO 6.2.4. 
(The error message box has a "More" button that brings up an "Error Details"
dialog.  It lists multiple errors, the last one should have a description

  Error code: -1


.)  LO 6.1 is EOL (<>), so
no backporting.

However, according to comment 3 "no tables are shown" in LO 6.2.4 while they
presumably are shown in LO 6.3 according to comment 2.  Alex, please check
whether tables /are/ shown in LO 6.2.4 when using an older JRE.  If they are
not, that's presumably a different bug, so please file an additional issue and
we'll close this one as fixed.  If they are, then lets investigate further

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