Bug ID: 126866
           Summary: Iteration not only bug-laden, but neglected and
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Windows (All)
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Keywords: implementationError, topicDebug, topicQA
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Calc
        Depends on: 46845, 54022, 114482
            Blocks: 33330, 117049

Created attachment 153333
Modest action game, comparable to music or dance games.

There are several bugs implicated with iteration/iterative calculation in Calc,
including several unreported bugs. But reading more about this feature in
LibreOffice help and Bugzilla, I soon began to see how that feature wasn't even
understood by the LibreOffice team.

Part of the problem exists because of the uneducated assumption that what you
call "convergence" is a necessary concern every time iteration is used. If
"only" you understood how unnecessary (also narrow-minded) that is (also note
that other spreadsheet apps don't work with such assumption). Later, I may post
an additional report with objective details on that, if you don't see what I

I know I'll have to eventually write other bug reports to elaborate specifics
on this set of problems (which will take time). But if you want one bug per
report, the original intention with this one is not just a preface, but to
report the bug staff and dev team attitude as a bug in itself -- one that
causes and sustains other bugs, so I'd give above-average importance.

While I haven't written more, I attached a little something for you. I made
this game inspired by Calc's feature to auto-refresh when there's a (dummy)
link to external data, but the game was hindered by the many iteration bugs, to
the point I saw I wouldn't be able to make it work on Calc (without macros,
which I usually reject). If the bugs are fixed, the game will probably start
working with no changes.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 33330] Iteration causes error 522 after closing and reopening
[Bug 46845] Iterations not converging in Calc
[Bug 54022] Iteration Default Minimum (0.001) Causes Error 523
[Bug 114482] Circular reference accumulator, err:523 or miscalculation
[Bug 117049] Self-referencing circular reference iteration executes twice
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