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Steps to reproduce the bug:
- First, understand that I'm not being superfluously sardonic nor joking, so
don't quit following. While not all of those steps are necessary for everyone,
I reckon they should be _sufficient_ for anyone to see and know what to do on
the topic, if they are involved in maintaining LibreOffice.
- Be an advanced spreadsheet user.
- Be willing to know more about iteration. If you seriously try using it (with
the help of apps other than LibreOffice, like MS Excel), you may begin to
understand it is a unique feature for making electronic spreadsheets more
powerful (although currently hard to tame even in Excel -- I'll write further
reports on this later). Even if your friends or workmates don't use it, several
people can be found on the Internet using the feature, and they have started to
do awesome things with iteration. A very modest example:
- Understand that electronic spreadsheets have been around for decades before and LibreOffice, with so many features OpenOffice didn't invent.
Note that LibreOffice intends to support formats such as .xls and .xlsx.
- Know that iterative calculation has been attested (in various web pages out
there) to exist since at least Office 97, well before even
- Not be over-questioning about what uses will the users have for spreadsheets;
so, even if they are just making a spreadsheet game, they are not living in a
sort of "no-bug wonderland", and each unexpected behavior may interfere with
serious uses of Calc. One of the lessons of test-driven development is that
artificial, out-of-context tests may be legitimate and great. But given the
amount of bugs, is your project testable as in TDD?
- Understand that other spreadsheet apps like WPS Office Spreadsheets,
SoftMaker PlanMaker, G Sheets (besides MS Excel) are way more mature about

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