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Please note that I'm not being superfluously sardonic nor joking, so don't quit

This specific report is INVALID, because it doesn't describe some single
problem that may be evaluated, tracked, and finally fixed. Instead, it asserts
some "bug of attitude" - which also claims something the OP doesn't know about
(specifically, what "team" thinks of the feature, especially there's no "team"
in strong sense of the word, and so every contributor who decides to dive in
and do something related to Calc is part of the "team", thus any wide-scale
assertions of this nature are invalid).

Here I do not declare absence of specific bugs in the feature; nor even that
there's no flaw in its fundamental design - it's just impossible to understand
what the flaw(s) are from this report, and so impossible to act to fix them.

Even the attachment doesn't describe clearly what should be done and what
should be observed, and what is the expected result, to see bugs.

So - while I close this RESOLVED INVALID, I ask you (OP) to file specific bug
reports on specific problems, describing clearly what is done, what is expected
(and why), and what is observed (and with which settings on which LO version);
and also ask you be constructive (refrain from assertions that may sound rude,
no matter what your emotions might be). Thank you for your effort to make
LibreOffice better!

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