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Hi M. Kaganski; thanks for getting some talk going soon.

I figure that for most found bugs I'll eventually have to describe them
individually, although that feature is a nest of bugs. I'm particularly slow at
the task of writing, and I'm not a native English speaker. Actually it's one of
my earliest bug reports, and without internal involvement in LibreOffice. I
wasn't quite sure of the tone and how it would be received, and I admit I'm
speaking in a vague scale, but I wanted to first interact with your (y'all)
stance on iteration. Even now I'm not sure if I should have tried Redmine
instead, so I took some chance.

As for things like "Understand that electronic spreadsheets have been around
for decades", I know everybody knows that, but I was trying to summon the
necessary premises for the deduction (probably out of insecurity). I have a
habit of forgetting to mention things when speaking, so I never know why others
don't understand me. Still I tried to be objective instead of subjective. I
only put "only" in quotes in the first post because it's actually not the only
problem to see, although a prominent one to start with. The given URL is a
simple example I found of iteration being used outside your expectations,
though clearly not the best use.

My logic on the blocked bugs reporting is that they'd require a change of
attitude, and I thought bug 117049 would exemplify the incomprehension about
the feature, resulting in weird attitudes about iteration, although eventually
the user went mad too. The resistance was unnecessary if you better understood
the feature, and like I said you would then understand its uniqueness and
importance. I'd say it is trivially possible to learn iterative calculation
from nothing, so I encourage it to y'all. (The "depends on" bugs seem simpler.)

I also was writing under the assumption LibreOffice had in some way an aim to
supersede MS Office, pretty much like we see on Linux distros (against Windows)
and several other FLOSS projects. But pondering a bit, I guess I never read
that anywhere. There are other features elegantly supported since around Office
2007 like a number of auto-shape effects (glow, shadow, etc.; rich in
parameters) and for presentations, animation parameters (a whole other
abandoned nest of bugs in Impress), but you (y'all) don't seem to care for
them. As a user my heart was initially warmed to see every little of those LO
releases had tens of changes and fixes.

I admit my report here doesn't inspire much action, and I know you're waiting
for further details, but the report is a suggestion for those involvable in
Calc iteration (and I don't know anymore if there's any) to learn and test more
about the feature. That is worthwhile, and plausibly is eventually needed to
make iteration work. Sincerely, I did want more attention to the feature of
iteration, and I'm not sure about the communication there has been, but please
from now on, I'd like less misconceptions on the feature, that things get

P.S.: I forgot to say, the "other spreadsheet apps" I mentioned are all
fortunately available for free (gratis), in case you want to test.

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