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I put "convergence" under quotes because it's a plain simple delta; there's
absolutely no convergence being checked, and indeed there shouldn't be. Even if
there were, it should be presented as a warning (like that little triangle
Excel occasionally puts on the top-right of a cell), not an error hiding the
value; but that checking would cost CPU time.

If your number varies by 0.1, under default settings, it's said it does not
converge. If your rescale things so that it varies by 0.0001, it is literally
"convergent". "Furtiveness" would be a better term for this. For those things,
I called the "convergence" check uneducated.

Even if the formula is judged to give nonconvergent results (and the results
get censored), the underlying iteration is never paused. Later I may paste all
this into a new bug report if you need. While I surely wanted to scorn the
anti-feature thoroughly, I apologize some of the anger spilled to the
originators of the distracted artifact. (I didn't even mention about trying to
use iteration with strings.)

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