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> Even the attachment doesn't describe clearly what should be done and what
> should be observed, and what is the expected result, to see bugs.
There are bugs already explicit or hinted there; let's start with them, as I'm
already getting specific.
$Sheet1.A3: "you probably will have to press ctrl+shift+f9 (hard recalc)
occasionally." means that soft recalc is not enough. Particularly, the
ever-unneeded "Err:523" disappears on hard recalc for some reason.
$Sheet1.C5: "(in libreoffice, this has been necessary to force iterative
updates without hard recalc.)" refers to including things such as +0*RAND() or
+0*NOW() to make iteration keep going on soft recalcs, since those 2 functions
force recalc to work (or for strings, &TEXT(0*$B$5,";;;")).
$Sheet1.C6: "(this should match your iteration settings.)" currently there's no
function, even in other apps, to inform a spreadsheet on the set number of
iterations, which for some purposes has to be compensated, or even better,
should be changed on a per-formula basis by a function wrapping the original
Also, "Err:523" pops randomly in the buffer even when nothing has changed, and
eventually covers the "your input" field. There's really no apparent or
reasonable pattern in that. I had the idea of posting that screenshot, in case
the bug doesn't happen with you. I could work my way around the other bugs, but
this one (the "your input" and "valid" fields covered up) is the last straw,
making the spreadsheet unusable. Unless you throw a hard recalc after every
digit you type (in the edit box), and quick enough.

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