--- Comment #52 from Jorrit Linnert <> ---
LibreOffice, Ubuntu Linux 19.04:

After adding the Futura font to my system and refreshing the font cache, only
the general font name 'Futura' appears in the font selection dropdown in the
main UI of Writer. Not the variant weights (see below)

A .docx-file featuring the Medium font weight, seems to convert the sections
using the Medium variant to the Condensed ExtraBold variant. 
I have not tested what happens if another File Format is used to save the file.

When I open the style editor to edit the Heading 2 style, I do see the weights,
but one of the variants has the wrong name.

Variants in Font:
- Medium
- Condensed Medium
- Condensed ExtraBold
- Italic

Variants shown in Style Editor (see screenshot)
- Condensed Medium
- 中黑
- Condensed ExtraBold
- Italic

Note that my default language is English
The two Chinese characters are Zhong Hei (middle black), which might translate
to 'Medium Black'. I'm no expert in Chinese, so I can only take a guess.

Thank you in advance for fixing this annoying bug.

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