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My .xlsx file is not the problem - it happens with every .xlsx.

I save it and it reports "General I/O error".
File will be saved on external USB drive.
It happens after some time Libre Calc is running. 
Restart Libre Calc doesn't help.
Pre-Loading is disabled.
Restart of PC, open it and save works on hard disc (which is not turned
"Save as" on another external hard disc works.
Re-connecting USB drive on other USB port (incl. on USB PCIe) doesn't help.
When I get the save error, close Libre Calc, I can copy the file from the other
USB over the file with the reported error. So finally there is no error on hard
Also chkdsk reports no error.

I installed 6.0.6 and used it for a longer time - no problems happened.

It still happens with 6.3.0.

I only use xlsx - I would have to test with other open file formats.

Still mysterious.

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