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> You write: 2. Open a CSV file with Calc
> But in video you open via double click. Does it also happen with File-Open?
If I open Calc and then go to File > Open, the CSV opens correctly. BUT if I
leave that file open and open a second file the same way, the issue happens

I can also reproduce the issue by opening the CSV through the CLI with the
libreoffice aaa.csv

Something else I just discovered: if Calc is already open with a blank
spreadsheet, and I open a CSV in the same way as the steps to reproduce, it
opens correctly.

> Does it happen with other CSV files or any other files?
It happens with any CSV file.
I have not seen it happen with any other formats. Although CSV is the only one
I use that uses the text import feature.

> How did you install LO 6.2 and 6.3, via PPA or debs? 
Via PPA:

I also experienced this issue when I had Ubuntu 16.04 + Gnome Flashback +

I just tested on another machine with Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and a clean Compiz
profile, and the issue also happens there.

If it helps, this person also has the same issue (that's me in the answer):

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