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As (1) I am not using LibreOffice very much (due to long-standing bugs like
this and the other one I mentioned), and (2) the bug is elusive and can't be
replicated just like that, it's difficult to determine whether the bug has been
solved. I don't remember seeing the symptoms for quite a while with more recent
versions of LibreOffice, but again, I have only used LibreOffice for perhaps
one or two hours in total for the past year, and the symptoms appear "out of
nowhere" after using LibreOffice for a while.

My guess is, though, that the bug has somehow been solved. Or perhaps the
author of Clipboard Help+Spell solved the similar bug in his program, so the
mutual deadlock can no longer appear. It takes two to deadlock.

In any case, I haven't seen the symptoms for a long time, so we could assume
that the problem "went away". I can't really find a proper RESOLVED sub-state
for cases like this, though. Maybe the closest one is "INSUFFICIENTDATA", as
both you and I have insufficient data to tell whether it has been fixed. So
I'll go with that one. I assume I can reopen if the symptoms come back.

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