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This seems to have begun at the below commit.
Adding Cc: to Mike Kaganski ; Could you possibly take a look at this one?

fdce4bf9f5cc6b285970304aa77ad4a55cff5ab3 is the first bad commit
commit fdce4bf9f5cc6b285970304aa77ad4a55cff5ab3
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <>
Date:   Tue Oct 16 11:03:23 2018 -0700

    source sha:5d0c83fd4cf91083805f60f49e4fafd3d6ac73d4

author  Mike Kaganski <>     2018-10-16 18:00:45
committer       Mike Kaganski <>     2018-10-16
19:53:32 +0200
commit  5d0c83fd4cf91083805f60f49e4fafd3d6ac73d4 (patch)
tree    98fc6da2e4507d2de93da9c2d848b9c23feb76de
parent  c8b68f7d63df9335ab4ef90441d3d2815bb4ddd6 (diff)
tdf#119885: OOXML import: try to get cell paddings as Word does

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