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In MSO, character shading and character highlight are the same functionality
implemented twice from the user perspective. I assume this is because of
historical reasons. We try to reproduce the useful features of MSO, but not
MSO's history and not MSO's mistakes.
This functionality duplicate lead to bad user experience since when a document
has a text color, it's not clear whether it's shading or highlight for the
first look. Some users are using only the highlight tool in MSO because that is
the more visible feature on the UI and these users are confused when they can't
remove existing text color with the highlight tool, because that is shading.
The same complaining was about LO before, because it used shading and users
were not aware of that feature of MSO.!topic/microsoft.public.word.docmanagement/NH8mtn67kTM

So, all-in-all it's not a good idea to implement two character backgrounds in
LibreOffice to mimic MSO bad design. So we have one character background in LO,
which means displaying two sections of text colors just does not make sense for
LO users. The two-section has no difference both set the character background
or highlight or whatever we name it. If a user says there is any difference
between the two features I think it's just justifying the existence of them,
not actual difference. MSO shading and MSO highlight are both for setting
background of the selected text.

I think the suggestion of adding two sections of colors can't be added in
general for all users, because "native" LO users don't care about MSO, so they
don't need to be confused about two character background color. However, we
already have some MSO compatibility option, so I can imagine a new option which
enables this UI for those who need better MSO compatibility.

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