--- Comment #8 from Bart <> ---
> I'm somewhat doubtful that a similar setting exists in Word

When I run Windows, in Word version 14.0 that setting is found under "Page
Layout -> Colums -> Equal Columm Width".

(For your convenience I added image "WordV14EqualColumnWidth.png". Because the
setting is in tiny letters, I added an arrow.)

When I uncheck "Equal Column Width", save the document and reopen it in Libre
Office Writer, the text on the last page is then in the left column only. 

(I added document "The Actor At Work - Lesson Twenty MW.doc" in case you would
want to double-check this yourself.)

>From time to time I exchange documents with others. That's why I sometimes
check what a document looks like for them before sending it.

If you have more questions or remarks, let me know!

Thanks to all the developers for their hard work. 
(I forgot to add that in my first post.)

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