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I hope that I have some additional information about Microsoft Word and how
even and uneven columns are done. I hope that this is useful extra information.

It confirms what the NISZ LibreOffice Team already wrote, that a Word document
may not contain a setting "Evenly spread out text over both columns".

Here's what I found:

I started a document with Microsoft Word 14 and I added two columns. In the
document the columns continued until the end. On the last page (which is also
the first page), the text first appeared in the left column, then it continued
into the right column. The text was unevenly spread out over the columns. (It's
document "WordColsUneven.doc" and image "Word14ColsTillEnd.png") 

Then I made a document that started with one column. After a few lines I
changed it to two columns, and near the end I changed it back to one column.
Over the two columns Word spreads out the text evenly. (This is document
"WordColsEven.doc" and image "Word14ColsEven.png")

Here's what surprised me:

I went back to the document with the "uneven" columns. (That's document
"WordColsUneven.doc") I selected the last lines, and clicked "Page Layout ->
Columns -> One". I did not change any of the settings of the existing two
columns. Suddenly, Word now evenly spreads out the text over both columns.
(This is image "Word14SelectLastLines.png")

I also installed Microsoft Office XP and I repeated most of the previous steps.
Word 14 and Word XP do the same.

I don't expect the same behavior from Libre Office. That's up to the
developers. I added this information, because I hope it helps getting to the

If Microsoft calls this "intellisense", then I have a hard time figuring it
out. :p

If a Word document does not contain a setting "Evenly spread out text over both
columns", then I'm not sure if my report should still be considered a bug. ;)

I do think that developing Libre Office is a challenge, most of all when trying
to keep it compatible with Microsoft Word, and especially when Word shows this
type of behavior.

My compliments to all the developers who put their time in the development of
Libre Office.

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