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Bisected to
author  Henry Castro <>    2018-06-26 23:32:41 -0400
committer       Eike Rathke <>  2018-06-27 13:44:07 +0200
commit  b9652803096b68a33702601aac52e78c8a4250c6 (patch)
tree    1ed7822221824417039126b7db04a8b37ebeaee8
parent  b262e6e5da0c2e66e00cd6d68d7c2df11a34ff5c (diff)
tdf#118308: Incorrect Paste Special dialog when ...
pasting content from another cell

In tiled rendering case (headless) each window has its own clipboard,
otherwise exists a unique clipboard (UNO service).

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