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I didn't answer earlier, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Comment 13:

Your menubar may be open all the time. I doubt the File menu is open all the
time on anyone's setup. To have the File menu open all the time would mean
you're ready to select a menu command (menu item) such as Open or Close but
without ever selecting any command in that menu, and in that case I doubt you'd
ever get any work done.

The menu is not hidden when you don't see it, it's closed. If you select a 
menu command, the menu then closes while it carries out your command. So, if
you select the Print command, the menu closes and the Print dialog opens. You
might hide the menubar (and I don't know how to do that except perhaps by using
Tools > Customize > Menus and deleting every command from every menu, if you
have any reason to do that), but I'm not talking about the menubar. I'm
interested only in each menu (and its submenus).

In other words: One menu is called File. Another menu is called Edit. They're
in the same menubar, but, in that menubar, File and Edit are separate menus.

To see a submenu, open the File menu (alt-f) and select New. Then another menu
will open, offering Text Document, Spreadsheet, and so on. That's a submenu.

F10 opens the File menu. As far as I know, it's just like clicking "File" or
typing alt-f. F10 is not the issue in this bug report.

Comment 14: Your attachment's top shows a menubar, not a menu. I'm talking
about a menu, such as the File menu. You see the menu when you open it, such as
by mouse-clicking "File" or typing alt-f.

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