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dear Timur, dear QA Administrators, dear all, 

bugzilla is full of reports about LO copy&paste weaknesses, a simple search for
'copy paste' has 1064 results (fixed ones omitted?), tdf#102593 ([META]
'paste')  has about 259 entries (about half resolved as duplicate, worksforme,
insufficientdata, wontfix, but nearly none by fixing or patching), none
'assigned' (thus nobody is working on any of them?), advanced search shows 632
reports of which only 101 claim fixed, leaving 531 'open', 'new',

ok, plenty (most) of them are dups, 

ok, windows (and mutter? and other programs/utilities?) sometimes have problems
with copy&paste too, and such are interwoven with things happening in LO, 

ok, most likely the problem is inherited from OO, AOO has similar problems, 

ok, the impact in most cases is not trashing data but 'only' nagging users, 

but it's clear and often reproduced that: 

- LO has it's special weaknesses, pasting in LO often fails while pasting to
other targets is possible, 

- pasting in LO has plenty different flavours of weaknesses, some entries for
pasting working while others don't (paste / paste special), pasting old
content, difficulties with formattings ... 

- the error does not always occur but irregularly, there is no reliable
reproducibility, as this didn't work in hundreds of reports there is little
hope that it is even possible,  

(it is also excessive to demand a reliable reproducibility for a fault that
consists in the unreliability of a function) 

i am concerned about whether it is right to waste our efforts in managing these
bugs and annoy users with requests that have very little chance of generating
input or insights that are not already included in existing reports, 

imho it would be better to tell users 'we are aware of this and similar bugs,
pls. check the existing reports (list) and look if you can contribute new
insights, we are working on the problem', and 

- to work on the problem, look for the cause... 

can one of the programmers who has already worked on it make a summary (a 'big
picture', a 'how is it meant to be', 'that's the plan', 'for this and that
reason we used this and that workaround', 'this and that difficulties we know',
'here and there you can find it in the code', 'we suspect the weaknesses in
that area') to give an introduction to people who want to fight against this
bug? or is there such a thing already? i think this would be very helpful
because neither reverse engineering in C++, nor the structure and code of LO
are 'easy to understand' or 'self-explanatory' ... 


this (OP)nspecial description i couldn't repro in 

Version: (x64)
Build ID: 006c65bbd472cb1d7d44e095714e28190b76be0d
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 6.1 Service Pack 1 Build 7601; UI render:
Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: de-DE (de_DE); UI: en-US
Calc: CL

but from the general impression i belive there is a bug, rather than @kabilo
and @Rick writing nonsense or fantasy ... 

@Rick: took some time to understand your issue, yes, you are right, paste
special for copies from 'inside' calc should show another option screen, you
get that for 'extern' or 'unknown source'? that's another flavour than @kabilo
reported, just file another bug for that ...

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