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(In reply to Jonny Grant from comment #30)
> Bug still present in Version:
> Build ID: 1:6.4.3-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
> Every CSV file I load in United Kingdom locale shows "01/07/20" etc the CSV
> file didn't, it contained 2020-07-01
> in my whole life here, I've never seen anyone type or write a date as
> I'll put a £100 GBP bug bounty on a fix for this. Anyway to set this in the
> Tools Options, to change the default DD/MM/YY 
> ps. Of course it should be changed globally for the locale, but I imagine
> that's hard to convince LibreOffice to agree to

Come to Switzerland, and you will see most date written in the form dd/mm/yyyy
or dd/yy/mm. It is completely common to use this way to write a date where I
For me it is obvious that it should be a Libreoffice parameter, since in the
same country, different people will use different way to write a date.
Personally, I write the date : 20200630 (yyyymmdd).

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