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> > On Calc there is now an option to use the English function names: I think an
> > option to use English names for Greek characters on Math expressions will be
> > useful also, specially for those coming from LaTeX.
> Hello, if you still there, please answer.
> Doing that may be complicated.
> But there is an easier solotion: a greek command to insert greek letters.
> If it works for you I'll implement it.

It depends on how it's implemented, but yes, it sounds interesting. 

A really neat feature in LyX (a LaTeX front-end) is that you have "sequential
keyboard shortcuts," in the sense that a first keyboard shortcut enables some
"mode" and the second one does an action. In the case of Greek characters, in
LyX you first press Alt-M to enter "math mode," then G to enter "Greek mode"
and then a character (a for alpha, b for beta, etc.). I think that that kind of
"sequential shortcuts" are not possible in LibreOffice, but a simplified
version of them, or something else, could be really useful. This may even open
a road for more options. 

Thanks for your interest!

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