--- Comment #10 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #4)
> Works for me.
> Did you bring the shapes to the Forground first? The fontwork starts off
> there, if shapes and fontwork are not on the same layer they can not be
> arranged together...

But if it's not on Foreground layer, then on which layer is it? Fontwork seems
to end up on Foreground automatically; if shape goes to a different layer, then
which layer is more foreground than Foreground?

(In reply to Attila Baraksó (NISZ) from comment #8)
> This was the first bad commit, HEAD^1 this worked:
> commit 23edbf207f3b339c0cf00b20680320242a271f58

But that commit did not change anything related to layers and arrangement...
some problem with bibisect repo? can bibisection be repeated on a different

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