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Curiously, this keyword’s first name was “proposedEasyHack”, which at some point was found “confusing” by someone. I just find it a bit funny that a similar name is being proposed now… ;-)

I too found needsEasyhackEvaluation a bit curious.

But I have to admit that the current use:
    keyword=easyhack and status=NEEDINFO
is not the best way to do it.

So adding a keyword seemed as a sensible option, I preferred just to keep keyword=needsDevEval, since that can be used independent of easy hack, but I leave that decision to the QA team.
“proposedEasyHack” was confusing at the time whitewords were used as the search engine didn't work well with ie. 'proposedEasyHack' and 'easyhack'. However, now we use keywords and it works differently as the number of keywords is fixed and it searches for the entire word.

The point of changing the word to 'needsEasyHackValidation' is to limit its use to only easyhacks. 'needsDevEval' is too general and could be use in order cases where we don't want contributors to use it.

the renaming of keyword=needAdvice to keyword=needsConfirmationAdvice is a bit strange to me. If a bug is not confirmed, it has status=UNCONFIRMED, so I am unsure why we keep needAdvice/needsConfirmationAdvice

We should be careful not to have too many keywords, and especially not to make workflows into changing keywords.
Same here. According to the wiki, 'needAdvice' is meant to used for unconfirmed bugs which need help from a developer in order to get confirmed. Thus, using 'needsConfirmationAdvice' we limit its use to just that, avoiding contributors to use it somewhere else.


Xisco Faulí
Libreoffice QA Team

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