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Thanks for the ideas / proposals. Here few additions from me:

Cedric Bosdonnat wrote (13-05-13 09:50)
Hi Mirek, Michel,

On Sat, 2013-05-11 at 10:47 +0200, Mirek M. wrote:

 60589 - [Template manager]: Can not copy styles between different files
 and templates

    Given that I wasn't in favor of the
shift in focus to organizing templates rather than creating new
documents from templates,

For me that also was a rather unexpected move in the process: I did not understand before that also the menu File > Template and the sub menus with the various functions were to be removed. But that's history.

I'm not the best person to design for the dialog.

Still I find this design from you :)



- I've added a description of the situation pre 4.0
Which is useful to consider proposals for the needed new situation

Also I added some ideas for
- the design by Mirek
- the places where this dialog may be used,

 61396 - FILEOPEN: [Template Manager]Possibility to
 edit a template that
 is not in the repository, is lacking

 I saw a comment with the proposal :
 "when a user does "Open" from the "File" menu and selects a
 template, then LO should open the template" ; instead of
 creating a new file from the template".
 It seems to be a coherent behavior : the user selects the
 command "open" so LO must open. When the user selects "new
 from template", then LO must create a new file from a

Sounds good.

If everyone agrees on that, then it should be pretty quick to fix.

Could work, but would _introduce_ the opposite problem, that a user cannot start a new file from a template that is not in the template repository...

Currently, I do not see a way out without adding a (visual) option to the file open dialog.. (as discussed in another thread).

Alternatively, I did thought of making the Edit button in the new dialog having a submenu, where you can choose "Edit other template" or something. Little problem there: the Edit button is only active when a template is selected..
But maybe there is a solution?

 If you really want to prevent modification of bad file, maybe
 add an dialog asking confirmation : "Do you really want to
 open the template 'test.ott' ? or create a new file from this
 template ?"

Perhaps an infobar might be better?

Yes, InfoBar is the thing to use here.

That would indeed be needed to prevent unwanted editing of a file. Do not forget that a. many people do not get/notice the difference between .ott and .odt and b. file managers depending on settings hide extensions (but honestly I did not check how it looks on WIndows with that option checked for the Explorer.)

But I wrote _would_ be needed. As written further above: I don think alas that it is a solution.

 59427 -  [Template Manager] low discoverability of new
 template manager
   - we could use "File → Organize templates" menu
 I agree

Still on the todo-list, sadly didn't manage to come to it.

What are your ideas?
I find this a nasty problem to solve.
One could think of:
  File > Template > Save     (exists in 4.0 in different wording)
  File > Template > Edit/Magage

but then the latter would simply open the new File from template dialog?


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