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(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #8)

> Think one way to resolve this would be an option to always open to the first
> slide/page (for Draw) and cache that image--so that optionally on closing
> the image of the first slide/page (for Draw) could be written to user
> profile and shown on thumbnail view.

That would be perfect. 
Unless a new option to resume on the last slide viewed is added (that would be
an interesting new feature but should be optional) then it doesn't make sense
to show the thumbnail of the last viewed slide.

> Otherwise this is not a regression--it did not exist until we added
> thumbnail views to startcenter at 4.2--and later provided thumbnails for
> non-ODF formats at 4.3. 

Agreed for non-ODF formats. It is an enhancement request for those. But for ODP
(and ODG from your comments) is was a regression since in branch 4.2 the
thumbnail was the first slide (as expected) and in 4.3 the thumbnail changed to
the last viewed slide.

> Note that a preview thumbnail is not recorded into the ODF document(s)until
> they are saved--but the thumbnail of last viewed slide/page for ODF or other
> documents are written to the user profile when the document is closed.
> Caching the 1st page (or opening page) could be an option--just for writing
> to the user profile copy of the thumbnail view.

Yes, that is the ideal solution.
I still don't see the point of having a thumbnail of the last page viewed if
the document does not open on that page (for long ODT text documents where that
might be useful, the thumbnail IS the first page...)
There seems to be some inconsistency in the thumbnail creation logic.

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